The 30th Harbin Seed Industry Expo

Harbin Agricultural Materials Expo

November 5-7, 2024 China Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Sports Center

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The curtain is about to open, and the 9th Chengdu Seed Industry Expo is set sail in splendor!
2023-04-10 18:32:41


The 9th Chengdu Seed Industry Expo will be held on June 2-3, 2023 at the Chengdu Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center, which will also concurrently host the Western Agribusiness Expo and the Western Modern Agricultural Facilities and Equipment Exhibition.

Exhibition highlights

1.Six basic enhancements

This year’s Expo will be upgraded from six basic aspects: exhibitors, display varieties, exhibition hall area, number of booths, new product launches and local exhibits. It will showcase vegetable seeds, field seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, horticultural facilities and equipment, agricultural facilities and equipment, modern agriculture and other categories of the whole industry chain, bringing exhibitors a better exhibition effect and visitors a more engaging presentation.

2. Two-way matching of big data and accurate marketing

Through all-channel mining of potential customers, screening and collection of massive professional visitor information, matching and perfecting data from multiple areas, and the integration of data and information, the Expo will be connected to the database platform of exhibitors, which will empower enterprises to achieve performance transformation. With accurate two-way matching of Big data, it promotes trade communication for buyers, provides agent negotiation, helps exhibitor market to expand, and improves two-way demand.

3. Government support and exchange promotion

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Sichuan Province and the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will pay special attention and support to the Expo. They will invite leaders of agricultural departments and planting technology promoters from all prefectures and cities in Sichuan Province to visit and communicate with them, and organize professional visitors such as research institutes, industry associations, cooperatives, dealers and large planters from all cities and prefectures to attend the Expo. The Sichuan Seed Association and the Chengdu Seed Industry Association, as the organizers, will simultaneously and vigorously carry out the promotion work in the whole area through all channels in Sichuan Province, while inviting member enterprises and their dealers to visit the Expo.


4.20,000+ professional visitors and group exhibitions

The organizing committee will organize 100+ professional groups from associations, research institutes, dealers, cooperatives, nurseries, KOLs and other areas to promote the cooperation between exhibitors and dealers, enterprises and organizations, different brands, and entities and e-commerce through specific routes and special matching sessions on popular themes.



5. Nine special events to innovate the future

►Focusing on the latest achievements in science and technology and sharing the latest product information;

► Focusing on the launch of new products and large products of famous seed and agricultural brands at home and abroad;

► Inviting famous experts and guests from the industry to explain the relevant policies, analyze the market development trend and elaborate the new point of special interest in the industry;

To build an interactive platform for communication between upstream and downstream enterprises and between enterprises and dealers, to drive industrial development, to provide more accurate market analysis for enterprises and dealers in the industry, to promote communication and technical exchanges in the industry, and to provide more professional development concepts for the industry.

Pepper Industry Conference

Agribusiness New Channel Matchmaking Summit 2023

ASEAN Procurement Group Trade Matchmaking Meeting

Cruciferae Products Professional Exchange Forum

Fresh Corn Tasting Conference

Southwest Organic Fertilizer Industry Development Forum

New Agricultural Products and Large Products Launch 2023

Hilly Area Mechanization and Development Forum

Agribusiness Dealers' Omni-channel Conference 2023

Please stay tuned for more exciting events!

6. Agricultural market precision launch to open up new channels

120+ agri-markets with comprehensive coverage, collecting information of shop owners from quality dealers in eight provinces in Southwest China.

With the Chengdu Seed Industry Expo Special Edition as the carrier, we can carry out effective promotion for key agricultural markets with high precision and high reach, and expect to distribute more than 100,000 copies. With professional local promotion and development teams, we can achieve comprehensive and efficient coverage of quality agricultural markets in eight provinces and cities in Southwest China through multiple rounds of fixed-point one-to-one distribution mode. The conference journal will have three major sections: product promotion, online interaction and exhibition linkage, with rich and diversified contents and online presentation, to build an effective, in-depth and valuable pre-Expo preview for exhibitors, to help increase the brand power and influence of exhibitors, and to form the effective linkage between exhibitors and customers in advance, and to enhance the trade matching effect.

7. Technology-enabled new local exhibition to achieve upgrading

The 9th Chengdu Seed Industry Expo (Spring) New Variety Field Planting Exhibition will be held on 3 June 2022 at Tianfu Vegetable Expo Park, Mengyang Town, Pengzhou City, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. The Expo will showcase more than 3,000 new and superior varieties from home and abroad, professional management teams, green and efficient agricultural models, and digital field planting system management.

During the Expo, experts, technical scholars and enterprises will also be invited to carry out a series of field planting exchange activities, which will present all professional visitors with a new agricultural landscape under the modern agricultural operation process.


8. Seven publicity channels for all-platform coverage

Relying on seven publicity channels, we will systematically operate and build an all-media publicity matrix to deliver omni-channel information of exhibiting brands, help them make their voices heard and efficiently heat up the online campaign. It is expected to present 1500,000+ information displays, 500,000+ keyword clicks on search platforms and 100,000+ targeted pushes from interested customers, which will enhance the brand influence of the Expo and exhibitors and create a diversified, high-specification and high-profile industry event.




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