The 30th Harbin Seed Industry Expo

Harbin Agricultural Materials Expo

November 5-7, 2024 China Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Sports Center

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As one of the most dynamic top events in the industry, Harbin Seed Industry Expo is committed to promoting the "Chinese Seed" to the world, and over the past 30 years, it has provided service for 18,759 exhibitors and 726,752 professional visitors from more than 40 countries and regions such as Germany, Israel, Holland, the U.S., South Korea, Turkey, and many other provinces and cities across China. Leveraging the agricultural resources of Northeast China, Harbin Seed Industry Expo that effectively promotes market expansion and perfects the industry ecosystem is considered the first choice as the platform for brand promotion and trade matching. Uninterrupted high-quality seed source display platform helps increase farmers’ income and revitalize the industry!

Across 30 years, from 1995 to 2024, from Heping Cun Hotel to the Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Center, the 30th Harbin Seed Industry Expo has a well-grounded development! With the theme of “New Momentum”, the 30th Harbin Seed Industry Expo will be held on November 5-7, 2024 at Hall ABCEH of Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Center. The Expo is expected to cover an area of 60,000 square meters, with areas for vegetable seeds, field seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and agricultural machinery. Though multi-chain integration, it will empower the industry with new engines!



Eight Channels to Enhance the Value

lCoverage of 1200+ key industries and regions throughout the year

Throughout the year, the Expo covers more than 1,000 cities, counties, towns and 200+ quality agricultural markets in the four provinces of Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning and Mongolia, with outdoor advertisements, 100k+ promotional materials, and 1-to-1 precise invitations from the marketing team, to understand, explore, and acquire the market.


l210K+ professional audience

With 30 years of efficient accumulation, our professional audience has exceeded 210,000. With precise data analysis, we can provide an effective basis for targeted publicity and precise invitation.


l3 leading short video platform to absorb vertical traffic

Based on the vertical coverage of three short video platforms namely Kuaishou, Tik-tok, and Channels, and in-depth cooperation with 100+ industry-leading KOLs, we can realize high-frequency and high-quality instant communication of information.


l10m+ multi-channel media exposure

With continuous and accurately targeted placement on short video platforms, information platforms, advertorial and video streaming, we provide multi-mode information on the Expo, exhibitors and products, with more than 10 million continued high-frequency exposure, effective coverage and efficient conversion.


lPrecise release to 20,000+ buyers

The buyers' club now has 20,000+ hig

h-quality members, with purchasers of seeds, agricultural materials and point-to-point precision penetration, we can build exclusive communication and transformation channels, and empower the exhibitors.


l10m+ multi-channel media exposure

With continuous and accurately targeted placement on short video platforms, information platforms, advertorial and video streaming, we provide multi-mode information on the Expo, exhibitors and products, with more than 10 million continued high-frequency exposure, effective coverage and efficient conversion.


l500+ industry and media portals

With in-depth cooperation with industry media and national high-quality professional portals, comprehensive and detailed release of Expo information, we can form a publicity matrix, and realize continuous information communication for high-quality groups.


l30M+ search engine placement

Through Baidu, 360, Sogou and other search engine platforms and the SEO/SEM dual mode, website, WeChat and Tik-tok diversified search and presentation can be achieved to effectively cover the active search groups and convert the precise customer base.


Three Empowering Models

lHigh-efficiency Expo tour in four provinces to precisely target regional customers

In the 10 cities including Harbin, Jiamusi, Suihua, Qiqihar, Changchun, Shenyang, Tongliao of the four provinces of Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning and Inner Mongolia, we hold offline Expo activities, carry out regional product trade matching meetings, precisely target customer groups, and build a year-round high-quality trading platform for exhibitors.


lOverseas study tour to empower global trade

We provide expo inspection service in the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia and etc. to attract international attention, help Chinese enterprises actively "go out" and build channels to expand the market, grab orders, and develop overseas markets.

Holland ISF World Seed Congress May 27-29, 2024

2024 marks the 100th anniversary of the World Seed Congress. Visitors can feel the world-class integrated "breeding, reproduction and promotion" seed industry operation mode, and witness the unique charm of ecological planting.

New Zealand National Agricultural Fieldays June 12-15, 2024

This is the best platform to broaden sales channels. At the largest comprehensive international agricultural exhibition in the southern hemisphere, you can experience agricultural science and technology innovation of the New Zealand.

Krasnodar International Agricultural Exhibition, Russia, November 21-24, 2024

UFI-certified, Krasnodar International Agricultural Exhibition is the most authoritative agricultural exhibition in Russia and the largest agricultural machinery exhibition in Eastern Europe. With the change of international landscape and the frequent exchanges between China and Russia at the top level, Russia will turn its attention to China, and the demand for trade with China will increase by leaps and bounds.

More high-quality international exhibition projects are continuously increasing...

lYear-round high-value integrated marketing services

We build a high-quality platform for exhibitors' brand marketing throughout the year, and are committed to solving the problems of information asymmetry, limited publicity, higher cost of precise customer base expansion, etc. We promote the upgrading and transformation of enterprises in the four major aspects of branding, channeling, visualization and marketing, discovering the opportunities in the market and the needs of customers, and providing the most valuable service for the industry.


With 180K industry database, placement on leading short video platforms, cooperation with KOLs and other advantageous resources, we can build effective online communication path to enhance the brands’ online awareness.

E-commerce interfacing

With a deep understanding of industry characteristics and product attributes, we can integrate e-commerce channels, provide enterprises with complete e-commerce services and KOL cooperation channels, to help enterprises diversify sales channels and expand sales.


We help brands expand marketing channels. With high-quality customer data, we provide efficient and high-quality activity planning and implementation, learn the needs of customers in advance, introduce precise trade matching services, and enhance the efficient landing of sales targets.

Brand optimization

Combined with industry characteristics and brand positioning, we will highlight brand advantages, comprehensively optimize brand image, industry presentation, online presentation, activity presentation and other dimensions, and enhance brand attention and competitiveness.

Innovation activities

Bio-breeding Industrialization Forum

Soybean Seed Industry Summit 2024

Green Plant Protection Innovation and Development Forum

Intelligent Agricultural Machinery and Smart Agriculture Forum

Tomato Industry Summit 2024

New Fertilizer Industry Forum

Marketing Empowerment

Agribusiness Breakthrough Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Empowerment Conference

New Product Release

New Agricultural Products and Large Products Launch

Fresh - New Product Application Meeting

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