The 30th Harbin Seed Industry Expo

Harbin Agricultural Materials Expo

November 5-7, 2024 China Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Sports Center

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An exciting preview! How to catch up with the new trend of the industry?
2023-04-10 18:11:40

Someone jokingly said: In a strong wind, even pigs can fly. But when the wind stops, many companies have to face the reality that the operating costs are getting higher and higher. With the advent of the new business era, the market is constantly upgrading the ability of operators to manage their products and teams.

The era of extensive business management is coming to an end, and now comes the era of lean operations.

Why do companies need lean operations? Simply put, lean operations is about "cost reduction and efficiency improvement” and about the transformation from "demand exploration" to "user validation” then to "promotion and fission". Through lean management, products and services are constantly upgraded to match consumers' needs more precisely, and the qualitative change gradually leads to quantitative change.

So, how can we better meet market demand?

The Harbin Seed Industry Expo strictly selects industry focuses and hot topics, to create not-to-be-missed forums, industry development conferences, new product launches and other activities. It invites industry experts, leading enterprise marketers, to share successful experience from innovative technology, enterprise marketing transformation of the new model, market structure changes and other angles, to help more enterprises take the shortcuts to success and to reduce the pressure coming from business operations. A number of exciting events will be held to inspire new thoughts on industry development.

Biological Breeding Innovation and Development Forum

As a new industry in the seed industry, how will the system of biological breeding be built? How will it be developed in the future? What are the prospects for commercial application of new technologies such as biological breeding, gene editing and information technology? How to protect the intellectual property rights of the seed industry? The forum will invite research academicians, industry experts and enterprise representatives to jointly promote the innovative development of the biological seed industry.



2023 Corn Industry Chain Development Summit

It aims to showcase the latest research achievements in the corn industry and enhance the competitiveness of the industry. In-depth discussions will be held on pain points of the industry, which include the bottlenecks of seed sources, marketing challenges and the future development trend of the industry. A number of research scholars, including the industry's chief expert, and leading international and domestic enterprises will be invited to take the corn industry to a new level.



Agribusiness Online New Channels and Matchmaking Conference 2023

Previously, after a period of wild growth in the agricultural e-commerce industry, there were many problems such as lack of management, mixed quality, and poor after-sales service. The conference will invite guests from leading companies in the e-commerce industry, MCN agencies, brand enterprises' e-commerce channel teams and other guests to analyze the industry techniques, create a new model of integrated e-commerce for the market, consumers, brands, channels, institutions and platforms, help enterprises develop new trade channels and develop a new industry pattern of brand consumption in the agricultural sector.



Forum on Trends of Crop Planting Structure in China

With the theme of Trends in the Changing Structure of Vegetable Planting in 2023, through exchanges between major enterprises, the market direction will be constructed to promote the structural adjustment of the planting industry, enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of varieties and promote the sustainable development of the planting industry.



Northern Melon Industry Development Conference 2023

Focusing on the development of the northern melon industry, the conference will strengthen the innovation of melon varieties and technologies through industrial exchanges. Select and promote high quality and efficient varieties to improve the quality of melon and achieve high yield and efficiency. Invite industry experts, breeding companies and dealer representatives to discuss future trends of the melon industry and help to upgrade and develop the melon industry.



Tomato Conference 2023

Although China has the largest tomato cultivation area and the largest production in the world, the tomato industry in China still suffers from weak breeding capacity, backward cultivation technology and asymmetric variety information and marketing information. To address these issues, industry experts and brand representatives will be invited to share their expertise and advanced technologies in the areas of variety selection, new marketing models and cultivation techniques, to discuss tomato variety innovation and industry development, to improve the construction of the industry's ecological market system and to jointly promote the development of the industry.


Northern Special Fertilizer Development Conference 2023

Fertilizer efficiency technology and special fertilizers have become the trend of development in the fertilizer industry, and after years of development, special fertilizers have become a "necessity". Although there is a large market for special fertilizers in China, their development is facing many real problems. The conference will focus on the current situation, pain points, development and other hot topics of special fertilizers in the Northeast region, and will invite experts from the Academy of Agricultural Sciences and representatives from special fertilizer R&D and production enterprises to share, discuss and exchange ideas to promote the innovative development of special fertilizers.



Modern Plant Protection Technology and High Quality Agricultural Development Forum

As an important part of agricultural productivity, pest management capacity is an important guarantee for high yield, high quality and high efficiency in agriculture. Facing the new situation and new tasks, how to accelerate the construction of a new pattern of plant protection system, promote the integration of industry and technological innovation, and rapidly promote the high-quality development of agriculture should be considered. Associations, research experts, international and domestic well-known brands will be invited to share, discuss and exchange ideas around the current status, pain points and development of plant protection, and jointly promote the high-quality development of agriculture.



Forum on Machinery Application for Soybean and Corn Belt Composite Planting

At present, many places across the country have started to promote the "corn-soybean belt planting model", which integrates farming, efficient crop rotation and green efficiency, bringing broader prospects for the market. The conference will invite domestic experts, foreign and Chinese leading enterprises and distributors and representatives of large planters to gather at the forum to discuss the development of soybean-corn belt composite planting mechanization technology applications.


Fresh - New Product Application Meeting

Research and development of new products should be a priority! New products, new technologies, new equipment, new models of well-known brands at home and abroad will be released on site, with precise promotion in various channels before the exhibition, online + offline dual-channel release during the exhibition, and continuous multi-dimensional influence after the Expo, helping enterprises to seize market share preemptively and laying channel foundations for future business opportunities.

The Harbin Seed Industry Expo is now under way, with more than 1,000 companies ready to make their debut. See you on November 8-10, 2023!

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